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Bouncin' off of Satellites

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Featuring Randall Moore on percussion.
For entertainment purposes only. All rights reserved, ©2016 The Macpodz


Willy Nilly and the Riff Raff Kid
Went downtown, I'll tell you what they did.
Sent a signal to a flying satellite,
Got the street, and the address, and partied all night.

Bouncin off of Satellites

Hanky Panky and Sleepy J
Went to the woods a couple miles away
She poured some coffee to wake him up
Laid down a blanket and then ate lunch.


The sun was burnin in the bright blue sky
She looked at sleepy and winked her eye
He put some sunglasses on his big nose
She shimmied right out of her panty hose

They were bouncin' off of satellites